Deck Restoration


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Rejuvenate Your Brazilian Hardwood

Clean, restore, and protect your deck and other exterior hardwood surfaces.

Ideally, every deck should be cleaned on an annual basis. The surface is exposed to heavy foot traffic, changing weather conditions, and debris buildup as the seasons change. These factors make the wood highly prone to getting dirty. The longer the space is neglected, the more likely that the accumulation of organic matter will collect moisture and degrade the material. Mold, mildew, and algae thrive in damp environments and are more susceptible to growing on natural materials like wood decks, fences, or outdoor furniture that are exposed to the elements. This bacteria will eventually weaken the integrity of the wood, causing it to splinter or crack and require replacement.

Once the surface is professionally cleaned and the bacteria is completely eradicated, it’s highly beneficial to stain and seal the natural wood. Doing so will restore its vibrancy, protect it from harsh environmental damage, and keep it looking pristine for years to come.

However, your roof’s life expectancy is also contingent on the prevention of harmful bacteria from festering on its surface. When you notice the shingles start to discolor, a collection of debris, or pockets of moss or lichen growth on your roof, then it is time for soft washing assessment.

Getting your roof professionally washed and maintained will help extend the life of the shingles or other roof material.

Choosing the right cleaning solutions

After assessing the surface for any damage, we treat the hardwood with a specialized mixture of cleaning agents. All of the solutions we use are biodegradable and will not do any harm to the wood when used properly. Most contain one of the following as the main ingredient, and each is effective for different types of stains. 

Sodium hypochlorite: This chemical, also known as chlorine bleach, is ideal for removing mildew, mold, and bacteria growth but is not as effective on dirt or other stains.

Sodium percarbonate: When mixed with water, this agent forms hydrogen peroxide (oxygen-based bleach) and sodium carbonate, which acts as a detergent. It is good for removing dirt and mildew.

Oxalic acid: Effective in removing iron stains and the brown-black tannins that frequently occur in some woods. This ingredient is commonly used to brighten the wood.

Sodium hydroxide: The key ingredient in lifting and removing old wood finishes.

If any of these solutions are used incorrectly, they can cause damage to your wood. Trust the experienced professionals at Gulf2Bay SoftWash to safely and effectively revitalize your exterior hardwood surfaces.

Give the surface a proper clean.

The first step in restoring your deck and hardwood is to apply a specialized cleaning formula to the material. The mixture is proportioned based on what type of stains and bacteria are present on the surface. We scrub the wood with a thick bristle brush to agitate any mold with our detergents, followed by a rinse with our low-pressure hose to thoroughly remove the soap and debris. This provides a deep clean, completely killing the bacteria at the source and keeps your deck and exterior wood surfaces looking great for longer. 

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Longer Lasting Protection

Brightening Prep

In some cases with older wood, we first prep the area with a brightening liquid. The specialized formula is meant to reduce the hard mill glaze found on most hardwoods and opens the wood pores for better penetration of the finishing oil. 

Penetrating Oil Finish

Sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil acts to nourish, protect, and stabilize the wood. Unlike high-solid wood stains that simply coat the surface, this unique formula is formulated to penetrate deep into the wood fibers which is the key to longevity and beauty. The pigments penetrate into the wood, protecting it from the inside out from the sun’s damaging rays with advanced mildew prevention. It allows the wood to retain its flexibility, and creates no surface film that will crack, bubble or peel. Its transparent natural tone enhances the natural beauty of the wood, highlighting the grain.  

Transparent Hardwood Coating

Utilizes an innovative blend of deep penetrating natural oils, waterborne alkyd-urethane hybrid resin technology, and polymerized silicone for superior surface and internal water repellency. This advanced combination allows for natural oils and resins to penetrate deep into the fibers of the wood without blocking the pores. Designed to provide a protective yet breathable water and UV resistant barrier that enhances and preserves the rich exotic look of hardwoods. 

Penetrating Oil Finish Stain & Sealer

Penetrating, oil-based, semi-transparent wood stain and sealer in one. This formulation offers first-class protection from water, mold, mildew, and damaging UV rays. No sanding or stripping is required for reapplication. 

Stain & Sealer available in Natural Cedar, Transparent Redwood, Mission Brown, and Dark Walnut. 


We can safely treat any deck or porch material