Window Cleaning


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Exterior Window Cleaning

Having your home exterior soft washed will greatly improve your curb appeal, but nothing makes it shine like sparkling clean windows.

It’s true that the windows get rinsed as we soft wash your home’s siding, but it takes an extra level of care to get your outside windows and frames meticulously cleaned.

In addition to the standard soft wash rinse, which removes the heavy dirt and grime, our technicians go back with the tools specifically required for window cleaning. We mix the proper window cleaning agents and use a soft mop sponge to manually apply the solution to the panes. Once the window is thoroughly scrubbed clean, we remove the excess water with a squeegee to avoid streaking. These tools both have pole attachments to allow us to do tall picture windows or other hard-to-reach areas. We also keep a scraper on hand in case the windows are especially dirty, which is better at removing grime such as bird droppings, caked-on filth, or sticker residue.

Once the windows have been cleaned with the squeegee, we wipe the area completely clear with a microfiber cloth to ensure there are no missed spots or streaking. The synthetic fibers in the microfiber cloth are very fine which prevents scratching and that annoying “swirling” you often see when cleaning a window with ordinary towels.

Gulf2Bay SoftWash offers ancillary window cleaning services that go above and beyond the standard home soft washing package.

Be sure to add exterior window cleaning to any of our home washing services!