Why Clean Your Pavers?

Sealing and cleaning your pavers is the very best way to protect the investment you’ve made in your walks, patios, driveways, pool decks, other hardscapes. Over time, pavers will get dirty and weeds will grow in between them. Since they are exposed to the elements, they require protection and regular maintenance to keep them looking beautiful for many years!

A quality paver cleaning can knock out weeds and remove stains to restore the surface like new. At Gulf2Bay SoftWash, we specialize in cleaning pavers and preparing them for sealing services. Our exclusive paver cleaning methods and products will give you the best results possible. Our high-performance sealers create a protective finish that will restore the original depth of color, repel stains and deter surface deterioration. From mold, ground-in dirt, oil, and irrigation rust stains, we SoftWash all surfaces, which means we can use less pressure to avoid damage to the surface. Our trained specialists are caring for your property and will pay attention to every detail.

Sealing To Perfection

The gorgeous weed and ant free paver look is the product of our sealing process with polymeric sand. We use the best in the industry, GATOR MAXX G2, specifically calibrated sand mixed with sophisticated intelligent polymers.

G2 alliane max sealer
G2 Gator Maxx Polymeric Sand

More Benefits of Restoring and Sealing Pavers

  • Inhibits weeds and grass in joints
  • Reduces moss growth
  • Deters ants and other insects
  • Prevents loss of sand in joints
  • Helps repel oil, grease, grime and stains
  • Easier routine cleaning
  • Enhances color, texture and brightness
  • Resists the effects of harsh weather conditions
  • Provides protection from salt damage
  • Reduces surface deterioration and wear
  • Presents pavers from shifting
  • Assures long lasting beauty and value

We save more than pavers!

Gulf2Bay SoftWash can also clean and protect poured concrete, natural paving stones, stairs, and any part of your home’s exterior.

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More Benefits

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