Most property owners install cedar siding and cedar roofs because of the natural beauty and classic look they bring to a house. Cedar siding and cedar shingles give your home character and never go out of fashion.

Cedar siding and shingles need regular maintenance because they can weather or accumulate dirt, moss, and mold. Routine cleaning helps protect and preserve the cedar wood and boosts its longevity. You can get professional services from Gulf2Bay Softwash on Long Island to help you maintain the cedar wood siding, shingles, and shakes.

The maintenance of cedar wood roofs and cedar shingle siding requires professionals who will protect the quality of the wood. To restore cedar wood correctly, you will need experience and extensive training. Gulf2Bay Softwash has an unparalleled reputation in cedar restoration on Long Island.

If you have a cedar roof or cedar siding that has not been washed for a long time, Gulf2Bay Softwash can help restore its natural warm look. Restoration of cedar wood that has not been washed for many years needs a deep cleaning to remove all the years of accumulated dirt.


Steps For Cedar Restoration

Prepare the area

It would help if you got plastic wrap to cover the ground where you work. It will collect debris and dirt falling off the cedar siding and roof. It will also help collect wood dust when you sand the cedar wood.

Protect Yourself

When it comes to cedar restoration, you will be using some chemicals that may be dangerous to your health. You will need to wear a respirator and hand gloves before you start working. It would help if you also had safety goggles to protect your eyes from the dust. Close all windows and doors on the side you are starting to work on so that the dust does not get into the house.

Clean The Siding

Cleaning is the first step in cedar restoration. A lot of dirt and dust accumulates on the cedar roof and siding. It would be best to work systematically, starting with a light wash for the surface dirt and then dealing with the stubborn grime.

Clean the surface dirt

Use a low-pressure hose or power washer set to medium to rinse off any loose debris with cold water. This setting is recommended because it does not eat away at the wood. It will work only to remove the surface dirt on the cedar.

Use a good wood cleaner

You will need a wood cleaner that can kill mold and remove stubborn stains at the same time. An ideal cleaning agent is bleach-based and diluted with water. It’s also important to choose a cloudy day or a time during the day when the surface is shaded so the solution does not bake on or dry too quickly. Apply the cleaning solution with a soft mop and leave it on for around 20 minutes.

Use a nylon brush to Scrub the cedar and Rinse

Once twenty minutes have passed and the wood cleaner is soaked in, use a nylon brush to scrub it off the cedar siding or cedar shingles. Be gentle on the cedar because you do not want to wear the wood. Use a hose to wash off the debris after you are done scrubbing.

Let the wood dry off before proceeding to the next step. Clean wood will have better adhesion, and the finishing will also look good.

Remove the old finish

When the cedar siding or cedar shingles are dry, you may proceed to the next step. This step will depend on whether the wood is bare or has a finish. If it has a coating, you may use a quality chemical stripper to remove the finishing.

Every chemical stripper comes with instructions on how to use it. Ensure that you apply an even amount on the entire surface of the cedar siding or the cedar shingles. Leave the stripper on for some time before removing it with a paint scraper.

Sand The Cedar

Sanding helps get rid of any bumps on the wood and smoothens the whole cedar surface. It also helps with the adhesion of the finish. You can use a power sander so that you can move faster. Start with a coarse grit as you advance to a finer grit like a professional.

After sanding the entire cedar surface, wipe off the excess dust with a rag. Ensure that the rag you use is lint-free so that it does not leave any fibers on the surface.

Use primer on the cedar siding

Using a primer is one of the final steps in the cedar restoration process. It helps to maintain the natural beauty of the cedar. You may need a suitable pre-stain conditioner if you are re-staining the siding. But if you want to paint the cedar siding, you must apply the primer.

Stain or paint it

When the primer or conditioner is completely dry, you may proceed with the final step of cedar restoration. Exterior grade wood staining or painting is usually the final step of cedar restoration. The stain works by showing the natural beauty of the cedar siding, and it does not mask the grain.

The Best Cedar Restoration Professionals in Long Island

If you are looking for professional cedar restoration services in Long Island, Gulf2Bay Softwash is the best option. We offer cedar restoration and cleaning, among other home services you may find you need. You can visit us at our office at 129 5th Ave, Bay Shore, NY 11706, from Monday through to Friday, between 9 AM and 6 PM. You can call us at 631-212-2098.

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