Get those dark streaks off your gutter!

Do you have dark staining on your gutters? 

Take a look at the gutters surrounding your home. Do you notice dark stains on the exterior, in a vertical striped pattern? This streaking is commonly referred to as Tiger Stripes because they form a pattern similar to those seen on the big cat. Although this aesthetic might be appealing on clothing or furniture, it’s not the case with the gutters that line your roof. If not tended to, these unsightly black streaks on the gutter can draw attention away from freshly cleaned siding, roof, or home exterior The longer you allow this dirt and grime set, the harder it will be to remove. Regular gutter maintenance is recommended to avoid future headaches, and keep your home looking bright.

How did they get there?

Tiger striping occurs as pollen, grime and pollutants collect inside the gutter, then mix with rain and moisture in the air. Over time, that dirty water begins to drip over the edge, leaving behind tiger-like streaks in its path. Heavy rain can exacerbate this, especially when gutters are full of leaves and gunk. Without a gutter cover, or too much time passes without clearing out the debris, these lines will get darker and more noticeable. Tiger striping may be more problematic in certain areas depending on surrounding elements, such as large sap-producing trees or chimney smoke.  

Getting Rid of Tiger Stripes

These streaks are generally not formed by paint or coating failure on the gutters themselves, making this a relatively simple problem to fix. Regular gutter maintenance and brightening can help to rid these stains and keep your house looking cleaner longer.

Be careful trying to remedy the problem yourself, as most household cleaning chemicals are harsh and can cause damage to the surface. Using an ammonia-based cleaner with the wrong tool, like a metal scrubbing brush, can cause the finish to soften on the aluminum gutters, or remove it altogether. A soft sponge or rag along with some TLC will do the trick safely, or better yet, hire a professional to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

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