Top 3 Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Mistakes People Make

Washing the roof of a house is a practice that should be practiced frequently. You live in a house that looks so beautiful, but you look up, and the views are not encouraging. Sometimes you even see something that looks like weeds growing on your home’s roof. You get it when you don’t see the roof as a part of the building that needs cleaning. 

The roof becomes a breeding ground for harmful germs, or disease-causing micro-organisms and mildew are present when you allow dirt to accumulate. Therefore, it is essential to clean the shingles used to roof your house to prevent dirt from accumulating.

Soft wash roof cleaning is a cleaning method that uses a mild or soft wash cleaning agent fed in a low-pressure washer. This method is excellent for removing germs, dirt, stains, and debris from the shingles without dephasing the shingles. Considering the effect pressure washing can have on your roof tiles, it is better to adopt the soft wash method in cleaning your roof.

The use of shingles is common in the United States. Shingles are meant to be durable. But often see damaged shingles, defaced or dilapidated shingles on buildings. Using high-pressure or harsh washing agents on the roof can add to this damage. The chemicals used in making soap have a way it reacts with those used to coat the shingles. The reaction can cause long-term damage to the roof shingles.  

Soft washing a roof is easy. But as easy as it seems, some people do it the wrong way. The top three mistakes people make while soft washing their roof are present below. Here is what you need to know about this process as you seek to clean your roof.

  1. Use of toxic or improper soft wash chemicals

One of the mistakes people make when washing the roof of a building is not knowing how to mix the chemicals appropriately. The mix might be too harsh for the roof or improper for the shingles or tiles used on the roof.

A soft wash aims to reduce the impact of the wash on the roof and make the roof better. Using a chemical mix that is not proper for the roof can spoil the roof. 

Different roof materials react with various chemicals that make up the roof washer. It is vital to know what chemical you can use on a roof that will not spoil it. The severity of the dirt on the roof should not be the reason to use an improper chemical on the roof. 

  1. Walking on the roof incorrectly.

When washing your roof, remember that the roof is not primarily designed to carry your weight or any other object you might want to use in cleaning the roof. Some people get too comfortable walking on the roof during a wash that they damage the roof.

Some of the ways your roof can get damaged while walking on the roof during the cleaning process include: 

  • Walking on the ridge cap of the roof

  • Uneven distribution of the body’s weight

  • Walking in places that are not reinforced

Walking on the roof incorrectly can cause the roof to crack or break, after which water begins to drip into your apartment.

  1. Forgetting to water the plants when they are done cleaning

Washing the roof is not the final step. The flowers and plants around the house would have been affected by the chemicals used in washing. Sometimes after washing the roof, people tend to forget the plants that got affected while washing, and then after some weeks, the plants start to die. You don’t want to kill the plant in cleaning the roof. Therefore, reducing the chemicals’ effect on the plant is important by rinsing them with water. 

How to avoid these mistakes

  1. The chemical mix should be properly prepared and suitable for washing the surface. Most times, buying chemicals that have a mild reaction can solve the problem of an improper mix. 

  2. Learning to walk correctly on the roof, taking one calm step at a time, will reduce the impact the person walking on it has on the roof.

  3.  The surrounding plants should be considered before washing and after washing the roof.

All the solutions to the top 3 problems of soft wash roof cleaning mentioned earlier can be summarized with one point, get a professional to do your roof cleaning job. A quick ‘do it yourself video’ is not enough to wash your roof.

Sometimes the DIY videos that explain how to wash roofs soft would not teach you all the skills you need to do the washing or how to guarantee your safety while washing.

Employing a professional to take on the task will provide a better washing experience for your roof. Most professional roof cleaning service providers know the mistakes and have the required skills to avoid them.


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